February, time for romance @ Island Shangri-La

The CNY aside, February is always a busy yet rewarding month for men and women alike. We plan what to buy, where to dine, and how to spend the romantic night together. Everwhere you have special treats and menu for Valetine…

As I can hardly resist a nice afternoon tea, I was excited to try the Island Shangri-la’s recent special that is only available for a short while. As if a decent cuppa and fine little sweets are not enough, this afternoon tea came with Pierre Jouet’s Rose. Having afternoon tea in a Harbour-side hotel with your loved ones sounds, I know, cliché, but you do have a decent Champange here to brighten things up. It was foggy day when I was there for a media event; that glass of champagne was particularly helpful.
The scone here is commendable; it is difficult to find a nice piece of scone these days, even in London, let alone in Hong Kong. I was still haunted by my recent experience in one of the big name hotels in London, but the scone here was a pleasant surprise, though it is by no means perfect. It got a nice fluffy texture; it would be better if it is more buttery. The flavour needs some more work. I had much worse but I indeed had better ones.


The menu was, I presume, tailored to suit the champagne. I found the lobster sandwich, Alaskan crabmeat sandwich and foie gras terrine went particularly well with the champagne. The champagne marinated Gravlax was very refreshing; could be a good appetizer for my dinner.

Many of the sweets are worth trying. I would recommend the cherry and champagne cheesecake and the mascarpone and champagne rollcake. I am not a big fan of cheesecake but I did like this one. It was not heavy at all and actually quite balanced between the cheesy and sweet flavours. The rollcake was very moist and filled with creamy mascarpone. Shangri-La should consider keeping these items in their cake shop. But it was the Amour cake that won the day. It was beautifully constructed sponge cake with champagne infused cream layers, with shiny bubbles on top, possibly a tribute to the champagne. I could easily finish my slice.


Apart from the tiny glitches here and there, this thematic afternoon tea was beautiful. The chef’s effort in pairing the food with the champagne was particularly commendable. There was no “tea” per se here; this French interpretation of tea works just fine for me.

Island Shangri-La

Pacific Place, Supreme Court Road, Central, Hong Kong
Food: wwwwwww
Environment: wwwwwww1/2w


澳洲café遊 — Market Lane Coffee @ Melbourne


在墨爾本最後一天,返酒店拿行李之前,趕到附近的Market Lane Café。雖說是café list上首5間,卻因最近酒店而放到最後。Café 位於Queen Victoria Market,逛完market來杯咖啡最好不過。都說Melbournian愛咖啡,即使只賣咖啡,人客依然絡驛不絕。
手沖咖啡用上蜜處理的La Fany,濃郁的酸梅味,混和蜜糖甜,味道很豐富,是很成功的一支蜜處理豆子。特別喜愛這店用來盛載手沖咖啡的白瓷杯,手工細緻,感覺優雅,可惜售價有點高,當時我不捨得買了,現在倒有點後悔。

另一杯flat white,以澳洲的高標準而言,同樣出色。牛奶幼滑,與咖啡融合得好,於果酸之外,突出咖啡的甜,甘香於口腔中纏擾,不肯離去。這支豆味道比較平衡,與Brother baba Budan 的風格截然不同,但一樣得我心。回港後不久,上環便開了間以marketlane 咖啡豆作招徠的咖啡店—Brew Bros Coffee—香港人實在有福。關於該店的review,我再另文詳述。
在墨爾本數天,嚐到太多好咖啡,最重要是澳洲人實在太友善,而且這裡的空氣清新、節奏緩慢,實在教我身心放鬆。要每天都飲到好 咖啡極為容易,咖啡店比麵包店還要多。可惜此外,教我感興趣的活動不多。間中放慢腳步,閒遊數天是不錯的,但不足十天,我已開始想念工作了。或許解決方法 是將咖啡與工作結合,工作於娛樂,自己打理間café~

Market Lane Coffee
Shop 13, Prahran Market/163 Commercial Road, 
South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia
Food: wwwwwwww1/2w
Environment: wwwwwwww